• Pony MMO - Legends of Equestria Seeking Artists, Animators, Programmers, and More!

    You may or may not have given Legends of Equestria's open alpha weekend a shot a few days ago,  and as far as fan MMO's are concerned, it's pretty impressive what they have come up with so far. 

    They are in need of some assistance to take it to the next level though.  Head on down below the break for a full press release on what exactly they are looking for!

    Texture Artists - 2D team

    To apply for the 2D team, please email kit@legendsofequestria.com and vector@legendsofequestria.com with a link to an online portfolio containing examples of your skills. The 2D team leads would like to see plenty of examples of environmental art or textured 3D art, rather than 2D character work or fan art. Applicants must understand the basics of color theory, be able to mimic the art style of the environments and buildings in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and be able to create vector graphics. Please state how much time you are able to devote to Legends of Equestria, and remember that you will be expected to complete at least one texture per week. Access to programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Flash is not necessary but would be very beneficial.

    3D Modelers and Animators - 3D team

    To apply for the 3D team, please email savanapope@legendsofequestria.com with links to examples of your skills. Any additional unrelated, high quality designs you have done helps too. Applicants must have working knowledge of 3D modeling and/or animating and be willing to learn, design critically, and give and take critique. It is preferred that applicants have a specialty in organic modeling, 3D animation and rigging, terraforming, or any combination thereof. Please include how much time you are able to devote to Legends of Equestria, as well as a list of programs that you use.

    Concept Artists

    To apply for the concept art team, please email anyasmash@legendsofequestria.com with a link to an online portfolio containing examples of your drawing skill. Although the team is looking for individuals who are comfortable with drawing characters, creatures, and architecture in the style of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, we would like for your portfolio to contain something other than My Little Pony fanart. Your email should also include your Skype username, the amount of time you are able to devote to the project, and your strengths and weaknesses that are relevant to the position. Please keep in mind that the concept art team is hiring on a rolling basis, so you can apply at any time.


    Applicants for the writing department must submit one or more examples of their writing to bloomberg@legendsofequestria.com. Creative prose is preferred, but not completely necessary.

    All applications must be submitted via email with a link to a Google Document in the application. Your name must also be included. Any applicants who are copying from an outside source such as Microsoft Word must paste the text directly into Google Docs rather than uploading a file. They must also be visible to the parties which will judge entries. Submissions which require a download or do not have proper permissions will be ignored. Examples must be at least one page in length and cannot have been edited by any outside party. Experience is not necessary, but any applicants capable of listing qualifications should do so. After applicants have been reviewed, the most favorable will receive a prompt, at which point they will have one week to submit a story that falls within the guidelines of this prompt. After these have been judged, the new writers will be announced.


    To apply for the design team, please email savanapope@legendsofequestria.com with examples of design materials, as well as how much time you are able to devote to the project. Prefered examples are design documents which focus on gameplay mechanics, systems, and the equations and numbers which make those systems tick. Potential design team members should be able to contribute to discussions about ability trees, as well as independently write complex design documents which focus on attribute balance and gameplay integration. Potential design team members with large scale map layout abilities will also be considered.


    Potential programmers should be proficient in C# and the use of code to design working mechanics applicable to a 3D MMO environment. Experience and integration in Unity 3D is extremely helpful. To apply please send relevant examples of creative code design and a list of software you use/know to cerebrate@legendsofequestria.com.

    Only the applicants that the respective team le

    ader is interested in will receive response emails.