• Editorial: Hype. Equestria Girls, EQD, Episode Followups, and Twilight Sparkle

    We've recieved a lot of negative feedback for that followup/editorial of Equestria Girls that went up yesterday.   I usually prefer to stay neutral on these sort of things and let them blow over, but after watching a bunch of The Final Bosman and seeing him re-evaluate past episode issues, I thought I'd try something new and clear the air a bit!  I (Sethisto) haven't actually seen the movie yet, so don't expect critique about that directly. 

    Let's start off strong and answer the big question people keep posing in the comments: Does EQD have anything to do with Hasbro?  We don't, actually.  In fact, I haven't talked to anyone from Hasbro in almost a year and a half.  We do talk with DHX and Hub people occasionally, but they aren't the ones that decided to release a humanized pony toyline, and they definitely don't pay us.  The only thing EQD runs off of is the Google Ads you see at the top, and they have nothing to do with pony (outside of that command they added to their hangouts thing).

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    Onward to the humanized ponies! I'll admit, I'm still disappointed that our very first pony movie is primarily starring colorful humans instead of colorful equines.  If I was running things, we'd have an epic 80 minute adventure in good ol' Equestria.   I went into it saying I would keep the information flowing as usual though.  From my end, and I have to admit, I haven't been doing much digging outside of the submit box, the movie has been receiving quite a bit of praise despite the hands and biped thing.

    Couch Crusader and two others here on EQD enjoyed it.  They were all excited, and wanted to push the positives, which may have came out a overbearing to a good amount of you in yesterday's followup article.  I modified it to read editorial/opinion piece, since that's kind of what it ended up being. As many of you know, we usually don't "review" the actual show, but prefer to post episode followups instead, which simply point out standout parts. Not having footage to peel screenshots from changed things up a bit.  I'm sure an actual review would have had some negatives in there.  As for that guy that wanted the poll, we will once enough people have seen it.  It's a little early!

    EQD in general has always been a primarily positive site.   If anyone is constantly guilty of getting overly excited and posting things on a whim filled with "Amazing" or "THIS X MADE ME EXPLODE IN FIREWORKS OF HAPPYNESS" it's me.  I love sharing the awesome stuff both fandomside and showside with you all, and for a lot of people, blog guys included, Equestria Girls is causing a similar reaction.   They walked in scared, and came out happy. 

    For some of us, this isn't really enough to make us love the idea of Canterlot High School.  I personally came for the pony, and humanizing them really isn't my thing and never will be no matter how good Equestria Girls is.  Looking back before this show though, cartoon equines weren't my thing either.  The team at DHX is known for surprising us, and so far the movie appears to be doing a good job of it.  Does that make me jump for glee at the idea of Twilight Sparkle with hands? Not entirely.  I'm not going to knock it until I try it though... eventually.

    As a pony fan site (or "enthusiast press" as gaming websites would say), we try to keep things fun.  In the end, it's a show about ponies; not game of thrones level politics and nuclear war.   We post the hard-hitting serious business pony news right alongside the art, videos, stories, and a plethora of other things; all with a happy little equestrian inspired twist on the end. 

    Hopefully that clears everything up a bit!

    As for Twilight Sparkle?

    It sometimes amazes me how much art Mystic Alpha makes. 

    *Hides behind fireshield*