• Discussion: Pinkie Pie Joins You For a Prank

    Back to ridiculousness! 

    Surprise! Pinkie Pie just burst through your monitor/phone/whatever you are reading this post on and wants to invite you for the ultimate Pinkie Pie Prank!  Her grand plan? Make you plan it!

    With your new-found 4th wall/physics breaking pink pony on tow, what kind of prank do you use her unique abilities for in the real world?  And who do you plan on pranking?  Hit the comments up with your masterful ideas.

    And if you can't think of anything, what do you do with Pinkie Pie while she is here visiting? Lets say she has a three days, then needs to return to work at Sugarcube Corner. Shes up for anything,  and has a gyrocoptor, so be creative!