• Music of the Day #119

    We haven't had socks as a header for music the day ever.  Lets change that.

    We have nine songs this time around.  Find them all below!

    [1] Source
    I Have To Find A Way (Blastie Beats Remix)

    [2] Source
    The Wind Beneath Her Wings
    Instrumental - Rock

    [3] Source
    Heroes - SlyphStorm (Covering Aviators feat. Bronyfied)
    Remix - Vocal/Rock

    [4] Source
    JackleApp - I Love Everything (Risen Tired Chill Remix)
    Instrumental - Chill

    [5] Source
    Hush Now, Quiet Now (End of Our Days Mix)
    Remix - Instrumental - Dance

    [6] Source
    Koroshi-Ya - Feel The Bass
    Vocal - RAp

    [7] Source
    Swiftone - Soon
    Instrumental - BGM

    [8] Source
    (You're Not) Alone - BluNoseReindeer Original Music
    Vocal - Acoustic

    [9] Source
    crazyoamteal3 - I Want My Mark So Bad (I Want To Hold Your Hand Parody)
    Vocal - Parody