• Lee Tockar Taking Callers on True Equestria Radio!

    We've got a cool event going on over at True Equestria Radio tonight! None other than Lee Tockar, the voice of Steven Magnet and Snips, is going to be joining the show and answering call in questions live. Take a look at the details below to find out how to participate!

    Tonight, True Equestria Radio has a special guest! Lee Tockar, the voice of Steven Magnet, amongst many other voices from a long career in voice acting, joins us, and best of all, he'll be taking your live calls!

    Lee is going to be talking about his career, and the launch of his new project, FanBuilt, which brings animators, producers, and voice actors together over the internet to create and promote projects. It's really an amazing thing!

    You can call in toll-free by phone at 714-888-7471 or by hitting the skype button HERE. The call has a 50-caller limit at a time, but PonyToast will be cycling through callers, so if the call is full, don't give up!

    You can also tune into the show over on Fillydelphia Radio and PonyvilleLIVE and follow along with the discussion over on Canternet (irc.canternet.org) in the #PonyvilleLIVE channel!