• Random Merch: Voltaire Pony, More Hot Topic Merch, and

    That crazy musician Voltaire has a pony thing over on his website now.  Considering how many of you sent this in, I'm assuming he has some fans!  Check it out here!

    And over in the land of Hot Topic, the 6th issue variant of the MLP comic series is now available for pre-order, with Rainbow Dash dressed as Daring Do (or Indiana Jones).  On top of that, they have added a lod of new completely random items, from nail polish to patches.  Check all of those out on this page!

    And finally, the Fluttershy box is showing up at Wal Mart stores for those looking to collect all the promos.   The one above specifically was located in San Antonio.  Thanks to Anthony for the image. 

    And that about covers it for random merch! If you find something, send it to submit!