• Nightly Roundup #627

    Sorry for the somewhat later Roundup guys! I've been working on the Meetup Group map tonight so that has been monopolizing my time. Have a witchy Twilight to help make up for it!

    Anyhow, on to the news!

    Brony Documentary on Upworthy

    The Brony Documentary has made its was over to the social media site Upworthy composed of a small blurb on the documentary along with the official trailer. Cool to see pony continuing to spread!

    Site Link

    AU Bronies in the News!

    With the start of Australia's first pony convention this weekend the media has taken notice and at least one has written an article about the fandom. The one we are talking about in particular comes from the Sydney Morning Herald and gives a short look into the fandom. Check out the article and accompanying video at the link below.

    Article Link

    Salt Lake City Bronies in the News

    Continuing on with ponies in the news, Salt Lake City bronies were reported on by local TV station Fox 13 recently, covering the Crystal Mountain Ponycon. It's just a short snippet and video clip, but the media just can't get enough of us lately.

    Article Link

    Sweetie Bot on TableTop

    Yep, that's Sweetie Bot all right! Looks like she managed to sneak onto the show TableTop in a recent episode thanks to Hannah Hart. Awesome! You can see the shirt appear itself at the 2:47 mark on the video at the link below.

    Video Link

    CRISIS: Equestria Project Teaser Trailer

    I guess a project to bring CRISIS: Equestria to life has begun! This fandom is a never ending river of new projects and ideas, eh? Check out a teaser above!

    FlankBook Revival in Progress!

    That's right, FlankBook is looking to make a rise from the ashes and return to service sometime in the near future! Check out some of the new information on the project by the creator below:

    Way back when me and a few ponies gathered and created http://flankbook.com during season one. After running into personal issues, financial problems, and other issues. I have decided to reboot the site and put it back into action. Running all custom code from the ground up and a complete overhaul of the front end. It is currently a work in progress, but is very close to a beta release, and when visiting the site now Twitter updates can be seen and followed along with a display of our development progress (currently %75)



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    This week on Tunes@Noon, We will be playing music by two relatively-unknown artists: DJ Burst and Lt Andrei!

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    This Day in Pony History - April 6, 2011-2012

    2011 - MLP Online receives a huge update and Madmax releases a comic celebrating 2 million hits on EqD.

    2012 - Germany receives MLP CDs and DVDs in their country and Lauren Faust sells signed pony art for charity.