• Lauren Faust Now Auctioning Signed Pony Art for Charity

    So, a little while back we reported that Lauren Faust, godqueen of awesome, was preparing to auction off some old pony guides and sketches to help benefit charity. Specifically, she's raising money to help pay for treatments of a little boy (and possibly his twin brother) with a debilitating and lethal disease that requires a bone marrow transplant. You can go and read up on that situation here.

    This is a really good cause, and also a chance to pick up some very unique pieces of pony paraphernalia while you're out supporting it. As of yet these auctions don't appear to be seeing any action, which if you ask me is a travesty. I know there are some pretty hardcore collectors out there, so take a look at the old piggy bank and see what you can manage for the many links below:

    Celestia Guide
    Twilight Sparkle Pose Guide
    Pinkie Pie Pose Guide
    G1 Pegasus - "Medley"
    G1 Fireflye

    Get cracking, guys.