• Nightly Roundup #283


    (guys help Seth hasn't fed me for weeks he says that Trixie should be all the sustenance I need and-)

    Washington Post Pony Article

    The Washington Post recently ran an article about the brony phenomenon! Check it out here.

    Canterlot Gardens Press Release

    Got some fresh copypasta right here for you. Just finished cooking it all nice and al-dente, and I'm gently drizzling sauce and... i'll stop.

    Canterlot Gardens!? Pixelkitties!? PMV contest!? Oh yes! Sept 28th-30th, Ohio! Also, did we mention contests?
    First off, we're happy to announce that the well-known Pixelkitties will be one of the many artists in attendance at Canterlot Gardens this September!
    Second, our first contest! Yep, it's a PMV contest. More information, and official rules, can be found here. Here's the low down:
    Submissions must be at least 1 minute and 30 seconds long, and no longer than 6 minutes. Personal intros/branding are optional, and must not be longer than 15 seconds. No personal outros. All footage used within the PMV must be from the official My Little Pony series. PMV submissions will be screened by our staff to ensure that the content qualifies for our convention's PG rating. PMV submissions can be sent to [email protected]com with a deadline of August 20th. The top 10 qualifying PMV's will premier at the convention! From there, the staff (and special guests) will vote on the top 5 videos, and you, the attendees, will get to vote on the best amongst the top 5! All top 10 submissions will receive posters, while the top 5 winners will receive t-shirts. Grand prizes for the top 3 submissions are soon to be announced!
    Finally – As a reminder, registration is now open! For $35 dollars you'll earn yourself a weekend pass, and for $15 dollars a single-day pass.
    In addition, public artist/vendor registration is now open as well! The discounted rate is $30 dollars, which includes not only your table space, but also all 3 days admission to the convention. More information can be found here. Artists/vendors can bring along up to 3 guests under the discounted admission rate each.
    If you have any questions, or would like to get in touch with Canterlot Gardens, please contact us at [email protected]! Thank you!

    Equestria Daily: The Game now on iOS

    Cereal has his own game. And now it's on iOS. AND HE'S MAKING ME POST IT.

    Here. J-just TAKE your copypasta.

    I am here to inform you that, after an ENTIRE MONTH of review with Apple's super speedy review process, Equestria Daily: the Game is now on iOS! 

    But that's sort of half of it. AirGlow Labs is also planning on becoming an actual somewhat professional indie game maker people for other people. That means Flash is lame and we'll go to Unity 3D. But the problem is, Unity for mobile is pretty expensive, very expensive actually! Since we would like the pro version of that to make it better for everypony, so it totals to around $2500, to look nice. We have no source of income right now, so we really need this money to get "kickstarted"

    So we have kickstarter to help us:

    It would be the bestest, most fantabulous thing in the world if you could help us on this. Me, and the rest of my team feel video game making is the most fun thing ever. At the same time we entertain and make them smile! We want to make all sorts of games, not just MLP, but we'll will also continue to make pony games, all of which will be for free!! Games ranging from mobile, to desktop, from extremely long adventure games, to simple casual randomness, we want to create it all. So any help on this would really change our lives for the better, I know you bronies can make it happen.

    Mexican Pony Petition

    Apparently, a Mexican TV channel is having a poll about what shows they're going to show next year, and we all need to charge and vote ponies so all the Mexican bronies can get their HD ponies and so many words ending in -y and -ie sounds aaaaa

    Poll here!

    Blind Bag Ponies in Scotland

    Blind bag ponies spotted in a Jenners in Scotland! THE LAND OF MY ANCESTORS

    Video here!
    (psssst i need voice actors for a project just sayin')


    I really, truly love this voice for Lyra.

    (psssst hey if you see this are you available for voice acting on this project I have going on because you're amazing and it would be awesome)


     That One Brony Show/ Mystery Pony Science Theater

    Click here for the channel!

     Doctor Whooves Adventures Event

    This Saturday Celestia Radio is getting a little wibbly with the Doctor Whooves Adventures. Starting at six We'll be airing the first episode Number 12 Part one, immediately followed by the premiere of the  second half of the saga, Number 12 part two, equalling up to well over an hour of Timelord pony goodness! Followed by an interview of the cast and crew about future episodes and events where we'll be taking questions from the chat. Just go to Ponify.me to listen, and keep track of the blog and the Tumblr  for more info. Bring your popcorn, drinks and sonic screwdriver, thing's are going to get Timey Whimey in Equestria.



    Airing about 6pm Pacific Standard Time on Friday Afternoon or 9 am Saturday Mornings.

    Well be playing other games besides GW2, like Killing Floor, Minecraft, Teraria, and many others. Hopefully, Fighting is Magic and My little Pony Go-Kart Racing, in the future.

    Check it out here!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More



    The abqbronies group on rainbowdash.net will be having a simple meet/greet/bowl from 5pm-8pm at Sandia Bowl in Albuquerque.  "You don't have to stay the whole time and you can show up any time you want. during this time we're going to be talking about the show(duh), discussing how future meetings want to be set up, and just hanging out in general. I think that wraps it up, Sandia bowl, this Saturday, 5 to 8. No need to bring anything. Hope to see you all there. If you need any information feel free to contact me."  Topics will include planning where to watch the season finale on The Hub, along with how often we'll meet for social activities during the summer, such as Cliff's, go-karting, and Putt-Putt.  All ages and (dis)abilities welcome; this meetup should be considered kid-and-mom-safe, so leave your R34 at home.

    Contacts: bobmortis (Josh Hughes) or duplexfields (Luke Allen) on RDN

     Guild Wars 2 Guild

    Check it out here!

     Armored Core 5 Group

    We have created a group on the PS3 for Armored Core 5.

    Clan Name: CMC (Cutie Mark Crusaders)
    Clan Leader: Scabbeth
    Second in Command: Sapperx
    Requirements: BYOP (Bring Your Own Pony)

    We have become an active platoon on Armored Core and wish to expand and conquer Equestria...*Ahem* With friendship of course.

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Octavia Clock 

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