• Pony Fan Music "I Am Octavia" Invades Lebanon MTV

    Over in Lebanon on their version of MTV, a bit of completely random pony music has popped up during a show called Talk of the Town, or more specifically the recent I Am Octavia song from Eile-Monty.  I haven't the slightest clue what the context is here.  If any of you speak the language, let us know so I can update this post!

    Head on over here to check it out.  If the time code doesn't work for you, it's at 11:50.

    thanks to Yoshimon and Adam for the heads up! 
    (Update: Septavian int he comments pointed out that - That lady is Octavia Nasr, a journalist who covers Middle East affairs. She just cleared up how her name was pronounced, so there's that special keyboard key with a song they found, which happened to be EileMonty's.)