• MLP FIM Card Series 2 Launches

    We've already gotten a sneak peek at the series two trading cards which had begun to make their way into certain Wal-Marts and Hot Topics across the country, but now Enterplay is pleased to announce the official second series is now broadly available starting today! That's right, you should now be able to head to your favorite card dealing stores and purchase yourself a pack or two for your collection.

    Check after the break for full details on what to expect in series two as well as a card list!

    Thanks to Richard for the card list.

    Inserts - Each pack comes with 6 items: 4 Trading Cards - including an Equestrian Magic card with Sweeps code, 1 Temporary Tattoo, and one of the following:
    Foil - 1:2 - note that the foils have a different foil effect from series 1 to series 2
    Standee - 1:4 all new characters and design featuring villains.
    Stickers -  1:4 fan favorite designs and slogans - "Have Tuba. Will Travel", "What Fun is there in Making Sense?" 
    Puzzles - there is a 9-Card Crystal Empire foil puzzle found in the packs.  A 6-card Twilight Puzzle has been announced for the binder, coming late spring/early summer

    10 "Special" Foils have been announced - generally speaking, the ponies that were con cards in set 1, will be available in products, and vice versa.  For example, Fluttershy is in a Deck Box, and Rainbow Dash in a deluxe tin - whereas Pinkie Pie was a Big Apple special card, as will be Twilight Sparkle.  Make sense?

    Gold Cards -
    4 Princess golds can be found in packs - approximately 1 in 30 - Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Twilight
    4 Baddies are found in our 30-pack "Hobby" display boxes, primarily sold at Hobby stores and online  - King Sombra, Discord, Trixie, Timberwolves

    We once again are forever grateful for the depth of MLP FIM knowledge and creative input from our friends Rob, Kar and Wendy.  

    The Special Pony tin featuring the final card from Series 1 should be finding its way to shelves at Hot Topic this week.  Expect the Canterlot tin with RD to hit stores by early May.

    01CharactersTwilight Sparkle, Student
    02CharactersPinkie Pie, Party Pony!
    03CharactersRainbow Dash, Weather Pony
    04CharactersApplejack, Apple Farmer
    05CharactersRarity, Seamstress
    06CharactersFluttershy, Animal Caretaker
    07CharactersSpike, Twilight's Assistant
    08CharactersApple Bloom
    09CharactersSweetie Belle
    11CharactersPrincess Celestia & Princess Luna
    12Half Villian/CharacterThe Great and Apologetic Trixie
    13CharactersBabs Seed
    15CharactersFancy Pants
    16CharactersThe Flower Ponies
    17CharactersFlitter & Cloudchaser
    18CharactersAuntie Applesauce & Apple Rose
    19CharactersLittle Strongheart & Chief Thunderhooves
    23CharactersSapphire Shores
    24CharactersJet Set & Upper Crust
    25CharactersFilthy Rich
    26CharactersGranny Smith & Stinkin' Rich
    27Half Villian/CharacterDiscord
    28VilliansKing Sombra
    29VilliansThe Olden Pony
    30VilliansLightning Dust
    32VilliansIron Will
    33VilliansDiamond Dogs
    34VilliansThe Flim Flam Bros
    36CharactersBon Bon
    37CharactersBerry Punch
    38CharactersAloe & Lotus
    39CharactersMinuette (aka Colgate)
    40CharactersNo Name (aka D Hooves)
    41Imaginary CharactersBloomberg
    42Imaginary CharactersTom
    43Imaginary CharactersSmarty Pants
    44Imaginary CharactersMr. Turnip
    45Imaginary CharactersRocky
    46Imaginary CharactersSir Lintsalot
    47Imaginary CharactersMadame le Flour
    48Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesElements of Harmony
    49Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesThe Crystal Heart
    50Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesMirror Pool
    51Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesAlicorn Amulet
    52Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesStarswirl the Bearded's Book
    53Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesPoison Joke
    54Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesZap Apples
    55Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesLove Poison
    56Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesStarswirl's Time Travel Spell
    57Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesSeeds of Truth
    58Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesThe Fire of Friendship
    59Equestrian Magic/SweepstakesSuper Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
    60Moments of FriendshipThe Three Strikers?
    61Moments of FriendshipStitch by Stitch
    62Moments of FriendshipThis Day is Going To Be Perfect
    63Moments of FriendshipClock… is… ticking!
    64Moments of FriendshipBuzz Off!
    65Moments of FriendshipMore Gabby Gums
    66Moments of FriendshipThe Stare Master
    67Moments of FriendshipBehold, the Crystal Princess! (aka Wife Tossing)
    68Moments of FriendshipThe Real Pinkie?
    69Moments of FriendshipUnlearn What You Have Learned
    70Moments of FriendshipFree Your Fears
    71Moments of FriendshipUnder Your Wing
    72Moments of FriendshipYou're a Leader
    73Moments of FriendshipRaise This Barn!
    74Moments of FriendshipDamsel in Distress
    75Moments of FriendshipThat's What Friends Do
    76Moments of FriendshipSpike's Got It All Under Control!
    77Moments of FriendshipBecoming Popular
    78Moments of FriendshipEight Hundred Wing Power!
    79Moments of FriendshipI just can't decide!
    80Moments of FriendshipFancy Mathematics
    81Moments of FriendshipSweet Apple Memories
    82Moments of FriendshipA Bad, Bad Seed!
    F01Foil-FilliesTwilight Sparkle Filly
    F02Foil-FilliesRarity Filly
    F03Foil-FilliesRainbow Dash Filly
    F04Foil-FilliesPinkie Pie Filly
    F05Foil-FilliesFluttershy Filly
    F06Foil-FilliesApplejack Filly
    F07Foil-ParallelTwilight Sparkle, Student
    F08Foil-ParallelPinkie Pie, Party Pony!
    F09Foil-ParallelRainbow Dash, Weather Pony
    F10Foil-ParallelApplejack, Apple Farmer
    F11Foil-ParallelRarity, Seamstress
    F12Foil-ParallelFluttershy, Animal Caretaker
    F13Foil-ParallelSpike, Twilight's Assistant
    F14Foil-ParallelPrincess Celestia & Princess Luna
    F15Foil-ParallelApple Bloom
    F17Foil-ParallelSweetie Belle
    F19Foil-ParallelKing Sombra
    F20Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)Princess Cadance (weak)
    F21Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)Pinkie Pie (spy)
    F22Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)Twilight Sparkle (crystal heart eyes)
    F23Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)Rarity (crystal)
    F24Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)Rainbow Dash (armor)
    F25Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)Fluttershy (armor)
    F26Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)Shining Armor (Hoth)
    F27Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)Applejack (hiding fake heart)
    F28Foil-Mission: Crystal Empire (Flying Cadance)Spike
    F35Foil-PromoPinkie Pie Big Apple Ponycon 2013
    F39Foil-PromoFluttershy Collector's Box
    G1Gold SeriesPrincess Celestia
    G2Gold SeriesPrincess Luna
    G3Gold SeriesPrincess Cadance
    G4Gold SeriesTwilight Sparkle (with wings)
    G5Gold SeriesKing Sombra
    G6Gold SeriesDiscord (and Fluttershy)
    G7Gold SeriesThe Great and Apologetic Trixie
    G8Gold SeriesTimberwolves
    SS1Slogan Stickers20% cooler in 10 seconds flat
    SS2Slogan StickersNever judge a book by its cover.
    SS3Slogan StickersWhaddaya say we get on outta creepy town?
    SS4Slogan StickersJoin the crusade
    SS5Slogan StickersYou CAN make a difference.
    SS6Slogan StickersWhat fun is there in making sense?
    SS7Slogan StickersDorkin' up the skies since 2010
    SS8Slogan StickersHarmony
    SS9Slogan StickersHave tuba. Will travel.
    T1FunTats(Princess Twilight Sparkle)
    T2FunTatsI (apple) AJ/(Pinkie Pie)/Peace. Love. Ponies.
    T3 FunTatsLuna/Princess Celestia is my co-pilot
    T4FunTatsI (heart) MLP/(Tank)/hi (Apple Bloom)
    T5FunTatsBest Friends (Twilight Sparkle and Spike)/(DJ-PON3)
    T6 FunTatsHi Sugarcube! (Applejack)/Be Somepony. (Twilight Sparkle)
    T7FunTats(Rainbow Dash)/Trixie
    T8FunTats(Pinkie Pie heart)/(Rarity)
    T9FunTats(Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy)
    VS1Villain StandeesQueen Chrysalis
    VS2Villain StandeesChangelings
    VS3Villain StandeesDiscord
    VS4Villain StandeesNightmare Moon
    VS5Villain StandeesKing Sombra
    VS6Villain StandeesThe Great and Powerful Trixie
    VS7Villain StandeesFlim & Flam
    VS8Villain StandeesGilda
    VS9Villain StandeesDiamond Tiara & Silver Spoon
    01-47 Characters/Villains/Imaginary Characters (47 common cards)
    48-59 Equestrian Magic sweepstakes (12 common cards)
    60-82 Moments of Friendship (23 common cards)
    F1-F6 Foil Fillies (6 rare cards)
    F7-F19 Foil Character parallel cards (13 rare cards)
    F20-F28 Foil "Mission: Crystal Empire" set (picture of flying Cadance, Spike, Crystal Heart; 9 rare cards)
    F35 Foil promo Pinkie Pie Big Apple Ponycon 2013
    F39 Foil promo Fluttershy Collector's Box
    (so that's at least 9 unknown Foil promo's: F29-F34 possibly the ULTRA PRO binder 6-card set, F36-F38 3 more)
    G1-G8 Gold series (4 rare in packs, 4 box toppers - 1 in the top of a 30 pack box)
    SS1-SS9 stickers (9 common stickers)
    T1-T9 tattoos (9 common tattoos)
    VS1-VS9 villain standees (9 common standees)

    82 common cards found in the fun packs
    9 common stickers found in the fun packs
    9 common tattoos found in the fun packs
    9 common standees found in the fun packs
    32 rare Foil/Gold cards found in the fun packs
    4 Gold box toppers found in 30-pack boxes
    2 known and at least 9 unknown Foil promo cards from collector's boxes/conventions/etc