• Random Merch: Stickers, Cards, Dry Erase Boards, and More!

    Stickers, Birthday cards, necklaces, Hats, and more.  It's Random Merch time.  Your house needs more pony, and this is the only way!

    Price: $3
    Found at Hot Topic by Foxy

    More below! 

    Pop-Up Pinkie Card

    Pretty cool for a birthday card.  Found at Target bu Carolyn.  

    Dry Erase Board

    Found at Walmart by Stitch

    Join the Herd Hat

    Found at Toys R' Us by Wolv

    Keychains and Necklaces

    Fluttershy Price: two for $14.50
    Rainbow Dash Price: $10.50

    Found at Hot Topic by Thomas L. 

    Study Set

    Found at Walmart by Chloe

    Another Coloring and Activity Book

    Price: $4
    Found at a Safeway in Chico, CA by Clayton

    Jumbo Erasers and Toppers

    Found at a Wal-Mart in Minnesota by Richfiles