• Ponies Invade Painkillers ad, Spring Breakers, Boxxy

    Ponies look to be moving back into the world of advertisement and movies again.  A Spanish advertisement from a pharmaceutical company showing off a painkiller called "espidifen" had a random pony pop up in the background for starters. (Video below thebreak, pony at :12) 

    And in the movie world, I've had multiple people report on the movie Spring Breakers dropping a bit of pony.  Chocolots pointed out that there is a party scene where a bunch of intoxicated people are watching MLP FiM.  The actual voice overs are dubbed, but they did actually show off the show itself.   MovieBob also reported on this one.

    And finally, since I'm never going to get a break if I don't post it, the old queen of /b/ is back with a new pony obsession.  Video after the break!