• Music of the Day #78

    Sad Luna all the music of the days! It is now your mission as a community to cheer her up!

    We have just six songs this time around, though twenty-four are currently in review, so expect a big one tomorrow, and hopefully a spotlight music post to go with it. 


    [1] Source
    Genre: Remix

    [2] Source
    Metapony - Lunar Princess
    Genre: Instrumental - House

    [3] Source
    [Orchestral] Crusading Interlude
    Genre: Instrumental - Orchestral

    [4] Source
    I've Got to Find a Way (The Frost Shard's Abrupt Dance remix)
    Genre: Remix

    [5] Source
    Emkay - For the New Lunar Republic [Moonrise Remix]
    Genre: Remix

    [6] Source
    ALfiux - Welcome to Canterlot
    Genre: Instrumental Trance