• GalaCon Animated Promo and StartNext Campaign

    Ponies being animated?! What better way to promote a convention? Go check it out below the break!

    Update: GalaCon has also released a press release that includes information on their StartNext funding campaign. Check that out after the break as well.

    Dear friends,

    you've been waiting for long enough and we are thrilled to present our
    new StartNext crowdfunding campaign! Crammed with awesome rewards for
    those who are willing to support us to make GalaCon an even bigger
    thing. Every single bit will go right into the convention and will be
    used to the benefit of our visitors and special guests.

    Enough with the babbling, you guys sure want to know what our support
    levels are:

    €1 - Symbolic Bit (unlimited)

    €5 - Mentioned in the convention guide as supporter (unlimited)

    €10 - Shipping costs outside Germany* (necessary for non-visitors and
    supporters outside Germany)(unlimited)

    €15 - Pencil sketch by Perrydotto (20 total)

    €20 - GalaCon poster (unlimited)

    €25 - Exclusive GalaCon poster by Salahir (20 total)

    €30 - StartNext exclusive supporter shirt by Feyrah (unlimited)

    €50 - Custom voice sample by Canni's VA Gabby (20 total)

    €200 - Canni's friends figurine set (contains BronyDays’ Mdm. Banane,
    BUCKcon’s Britannia and CrystalCon’s Love Crystal) (25 total)

    €250 - European Pony Convention Union figurine set (contains
    BronyDays’ Mdm. Banane, BUCKcon’s Britannia and CrystalCon’s Love
    Crystal and GalaCon’s Canni Soda) (25 total)

    €500 - OC pony cameo in a JanAnimations animation (3 total)

    €1,000 - MOON CANNON II ---- ALL OF THE ABOVE except the cameo in the
    animation, but instead an exclusive picture by John Joseco (1 total)

    Interested in any of these rewards? Don't hestitate and check out our
    StartNext page. Our funding phase will begin shortly! (Accepted payment methods: bank transfer,
    PayPal, credit card)

    See you soon,

    Your GalaCon team!