• Happy Birthday Maddy, Ashleigh, and JDL!

    Lots of birthdays this month and you guys pulled through with some great gifts! Happy Birthday to Maddy and a belated happy birthday to both John De Lancie and Ashleigh! We hope you all had or are having fantastic birthdays and from the community to you all we appreciate the work you have put into the show.

    Go wish them your best on their Twitter accounts!

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    Birthday Cubed

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    The Daring ScootaDo

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    MLP:FiM - Filly AJ's New Hat

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    One Day, I'll Be Just Like My Big Brother...

    [6] Source
    Dashie's Gift

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    Sleepy Dash

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    RD gets AJ a bit wet

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    MLP BIRTHDAY: John de Lancie

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    Happy Birthday John de Lancie

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    The Pony Professor

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    My Very Own Southern Pony!

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    Happy Scootday!

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    A birthday present for Ashleigh Ball

    [15] Source
    A birthday present for Maddy Peters

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    Happy Birthday Applejack/Ashleigh!

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    Happy Birthday Maddy and Ashleigh

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    The master of chocolate milk

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    Mares of Defeat: Rainbow Dash - Assault Class

    [22] Source
    Mares of Defeat: Applejack - Support Class

    [23] Source

    [24] Source
    ''Did I ever tell you little fledglings...''

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    Flyin' Filly (Happy Birthday, Madeleine Peters!)

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    Happy Birthday, Dear Ashleigh!

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    MLP Birthdays with Maddy and Ashleigh

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    Happy Birthday to Maddy Peters

    [30] Source - ShikariSPEEDER

    [31] Source - Andrew

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    [33] Source - Eden

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