• Introducing Megapony, Episode 2!

    In the year 20xx, a brony named Khao Mortadios poured a great deal of energy into creating a new video game combining the classic platformer action of Megaman with everybody's beloved pony figures from Friendship is Magic. The game showed some promising design sense and attempted to emulate the classic NES series, but was unfinished and needed the help of many wonderful people like yourselves to provide feedback and help it reach its true potential.

    8 months later, it's time to see how that promise panned out. Episode 2 is more accurately considered Version 2, and it's bigger, better, and pony...er than its original counterpart. Awesome! So what is it?

    Megapony puts you in the iron-clad horseshoes of an appropriately named robotic equine sent forth by Princess Celestia to combat a certain six ponies who have been warped by Discord, and return them to the light of friendship. With your laser shooting horn. It's a fully custom designed game in the classic 8-bit Megaman milieu. Fully designed stages, bosses, and music that combine classic NES feel with unique equine charm. This version contains playable stages for each of the mane six, with the promise of some potentially epic boss stages to come.

    If you think this sounds awesome, you're right and you should download it in the link provided below. If you'd prefer to see more of the game in action first, I've started a video review of the game which you can find below the page break. But please, play it, give your feedback, and help make this game the best that it can be!

    Megapony Episode 2 Download