• We Love Fine adds more LED Designs and Filly Chrysalis

    Usually I'd bug them for higher resolution images before posting new shirts, but I can't wait on it this time. 

    It looks like the LED idea worked out pretty well for We Love Fine.  They have tossed up a couple of new ones, including a bit of Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.  That's not the best news though! As you can see from above, the best version of Chrysalis has been added to their pony stock.  Filly Chrysalis would be a mascot here on EQD if there was more art of her! Get on it artists!  Trixie is old news anyway!

    And find their pony section here as always.  

    And thanks to Samantha for the heads up!

    Speak of the Cerberus, they sent the animated one over 10 minutes after this went up!

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