• Nightly Roundup #575

    Shortest roundup ever? You bet! Trixie spent all the news gathering funds on bunny slippers.  It's all her fault!

    At least we got some cake.

    Now go roundup below!

    Celestia Gingerbread

    How mosaicy~ And delicious.

    Journey of the Spark Seeks Artists

    All information can be found here!

    Ashleigh Ball Interviewed on Entertainment Weekly

    Ashleigh Ball got hit with a short interview over on Entertainment Weekly.  Check it out here!


    Bronystate Blind Readings

    Find it here!

    Successful Meetups

    San Francisco Meetup with Hey Ocean

    As part of their US tour, Hey!Ocean came to Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco.
    Around 20 bronies/fans decided to gather up at the venue. We shared some drinks, played some pool, had some overpriced bar food, and after 2 bands, we got to see Hey!Ocean live
    Asleigh Ball and her band are great on stage. Asleigh has a lot of energy, she loves to perform, and she shows it on stage. They may not be a stadium filling band now, but they managed to move the small audience that gathered at the venue.  Asleigh also mentioned that San Francisco is her favorite city.

    Their set included songs from their entire discography and as an encore they played a cover from one of their favorite Canadian bands.
    After the show, we met up with the band at the merch table and Asleigh signed our newly bought CDs, Posters, and Rainbow Dash/Applejack merch.

    Gifts were given (to her, of course!) and we all shared good times.

    The Bronies of Northern California flag was there, and the entire band signed it, thus completing the Mane 6 signatures on it.
    Hey!Ocean are a really fun band, and Asleigh is incredibly nice to fans of all types.
    If you have the chance, go see them live, or get some of their albums!

    Photo gallery from the meetup group: http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-of-Northern-California/photos/12998552/

    Asleigh also took a picture of the flag on Instagram: http://statigr.am/p/385188472335833311_299547501

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pinkie Pie Plush
    Bottle Opener Keychain
    Coronation Twilight Plushie

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