• Canterlot TV Launch

    Similiar to Ponyville Live a few days ago, another TV network has launched today with the coming of Unicon.  Celestia Radio has released Canterlot TV,  with convention coverage starting today.  Head on down below the break for the full press release!

    "Celestia Radio is proud and oh so pleased to announce our new video streaming branch.  Canterlot TV! We will be live starting Today. We're gonna have all your fantastic LIVE coverage of Las Pegasus Unicon! During the con we'll be covering anything and everything, so be sure to tune in at ponify.me/ctv. We'll also be bringing you: Convention Coverage, Streamed Pony Eps, Gaming streams, Video DJs, and of course, delicious pony related content! 

    We will be bringing live coverage of the upcoming Las Pegasus Unicon, as well as summer Bronycon!  Be sure to check our schedule for shows and times that interest you, remember, we’re here for YOUR enjoyment!
    Canterlot TV can be found at www.ponify.me/ctv"