• Awesome New Show-Accurate Plushies Popping Up This Spring!

    A company called 4th Dimension Entertainment, known primarily for their graphic novels, has decided to try their hand with the Brony fandom via some absolutely amazing plushies.  When it comes to show accuracy,  these things are hitting the levels of some of those 300+ dollar ones we usually see floating around on eBay. 

    Remember way back in the day when EQD pushed We Love Fine like crazy because we needed a shirt company that focused specifically on us? This is the plushie version of that.  If they do well, the possibilities are literally endless.  To start, you will only be able to buy them at local comic shops, trade shows, conventions, and online at their website.  We may see them head elsewhere in the future, but as with most of the higher end collectables, that all depends on you guys!

    The first pony we will be seeing is of course, Twilight Sparkle.  She will be closely followed by the rest of the mane six.   This specific toy will stand at 11 inches tall, with cutie marks on both sides (show style, as opposed to the traditional single side). 

    The big thing here is the price.  These are only going to cost at 25 bucks each, which is right around the same as the less show accurate plushies we have seen pop up in the last few months. 

    They aren't selling them just yet.  Expect to see these pop up some time in Spring!

    Keep an eye on their website for any up to the minute news updates, as well as the press release announcing this lineup.

    (Update, and just like We Love Fine, we blew up the site! Press release here instead)