• Random Merch: Shot Glass, Blankets, Water bottles, and More!

    Yes, that is a shot glass.  I don't know if it is marketed as a shot glass, but you can now bring Rainbow Dash along with you to the bar.  Thanks to taps for that one! He didn't include a location, but that looks like something from Hot Topic or Spencers. 

    It's time for random merch! Head on down past the break to check it all out. 


    Now you can carry four faeries and cheat death forever!  Thanks to the Peru group for these. 

    Birthday Card with Stickers

    Birthday cards expand! We now have stickers included. That's hardcore right there. Thanks to Aaron for the image, you can find this one at Target.

    Hair Extensions

    It's technically Pinkie Pie themed, but I'm pretty sure Fluttershy would work too!

    This was spotted in the UK at a Toys R' Us by Alistair.

    Beach Towel

    This is a new one over at Target.  Summer is a ways off for most of the locations that have the store, but I guess you Hawaiians will have something to buy!

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