• Album Compilation - January 20th

    Luna just works with everything doesn't she? Gaming, music, nightly roundups, shes perfect.

    We have a bunch of albums from an assortment of musicians this time around.  Some free, some paid, toss your support regardless!

    Check them out below. 

    The Lesser Knowns Vol. 3
    Artist: Various
    Genre: Various

    Description: The Lesser Knowns Albums are dedicated to gathering talent amongst musicians in the Brony community who aren't well known across the internet.Over the last few months, these artists have been pulling together projects that symbolize who they are, and invite you to listen. Who knows? Maybe they'll become famous someday.

    Discorded Landscapes
    Artist: Zorg
    Genre: Melodic and Soundscapes

    Description: concept album - alternate way events unfolded after season 2's first two eps

    Accrued Pony Music
    Artist: Sci
    Genre: Primarily Trippy Chillout

    Description: My initial plan was to make several albums like "Energetic Pony Music" and "Weird Pony Music", but...I never really gathered enough material for any album like that.
    And with each new song I make, that seems less likely.
    So I'm compiling basically everything I haven't released yet into here.

    Pony 2012
    Artist: Evdog
    Genre: Various

    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3

    Description: All the songs I've made in 2012 have been neatly ordered into a 3-disc album called "PONY 2012" (ucwatidid huehuehue)

    Hooves Up High: The Sweet Remix Suite!
    Artist: Various
    Genre: Electronic

    Description: This free album is a compilation of remixes of Silva Hound's "Hooves Up High". A remix contest was held last month and the top 5 remixes (chosen by Silva Hound himself) got onto the album.

    Shadows of the Everfree
    Artist: Arcane Soul
    Genre: Electronic

    Description: ArcaneSouls first album composed of various songs worked on for 4 months. Each song represents setting for certain parts of a fanfiction (that he wrote)