• Nightly Roundup #542

    Happy New Years you guys! Hope you all had a wonderful January 1st and that you're all ready for a brand new year of pony as we head into 2013. Speaking of which, we've got a small bit of news for you all today, so dive right in for another edition of the Roundup!

    BronySquare New Years Contest!

    Why not start new year off with a contest? That's what the Ponysquare folks are thinking this holiday season and they are looking for people to participate! Check out all the details below.

    Hey there everypony, PonySquare and BronySquare are having THREE contests to celebrate our one year anniversary! One to create a mascot for the site, one to create a site theme song, and another to create a piece of writing that will be featured on the site! Not only that, but if you win, we have prizes for you as well, from games on Steam to an Amazon giftcard and even a plushie! We have a total of 17 prizes for the top 3 of each group (9 in total). You have until the 14th of January to submit your entries, so hurry over to http://bronysquare.com/announcement/view/id_31/ to read the full rules and where to enter!

    Pony Tabletop Game Reaches Version 13

    The tabletop game created by LittleLunaMoonMatron has released their thirteenth version of the pony tabletop game they have been working on. If you're interested in tabletop games or have been following this project for awhile already, you can find a link to the latest version down below.

    Courage is Magic 1.13


    Golden Oaks Book Club: Episode 1

    Copy Paste:
    Join us for the first episode of this new podcast that focuses on the storytellers of the fandom!  We’re not only talking about fanfiction here; narrative comics, picture books, ask blogs, and more will be examined as the hosts tackle all forms of storytelling in the pony fandom.

    Join our two hosts, Bronycurious (author and illustrator of the “Sisterhooves Slighted” picture book), and Pegasus Rescue Brigade (author of several pony fanfics and pre-reader for Equestria Daily) as they spotlight both famous pieces and little-known examples from the fandom’s nearly boundless pool of story content.

    Future episodes will include interviews, Q&A, and much more!  It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or if you’re a veteran storyteller, we’ll have something for you.

    For more information about the show, check out the video in the link below!

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Bronies of Kingston, Ontario

    Facebook Page
    Ponylitical, A Pony Politics Site

    The site hopes to have a new article each week about ponies and politics.



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Filly Pinkie Pie Plush
    Chrysalis Plush

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