• Boarders and Directors for Episodes 8-11 of Season 3

    Over on Deviant Art,  storyboard artist Raven has released some of the behind the scenes information on who worked on each episode, including two of them that haven't yet aired. Have a list:
    #309: "Apple Family Reunion"     ...directed by Jayson Theissen ...boarded by Sabrina Alberghetti & Dave Weibe

    #310: "Spike at Your Service"     ...directed by James Wootton  ...boarded by Mike West & Emmett Hall

    #311: "Keep Calm and Flutter On"  ...directed by Jayson Theissen  ...boarded by Lih Liau & Marshall Fels Elliot

    #308: "Just For Sidekicks"   ...directed by  James Wootton ... boarded by Raven Molisee & Jocelyn Theissen
    One of the key additions to this is a confirmation on the missing episode #8.  Apparently "Just for Sidekicks" was shifted around.  (You can all stop telling me to fix the episode list up top now!). We have just two mystery episodes remaining in the season, both of which have been confirmed to not be a multi-parter finale.  Maybe you Rarity fans will get your seasonal episode?  Who knows!

    Thanks to Jack for the heads up.