• EQD AMA - Question away in Comments!

    So, Knighty told us to do an AMA for you guys on Reddit, but I figured Reddit wouldn't want that, so we are going to do it here instead! Maybe I'll Reddit in the future. 

    Consider this a mini-AMA

    Anyway, over the years, swarms of you have sent questions/comments/concerns to the EQD submit box and our personal emails, and we figured we'd open it up to the masses for an hour.  Obviously there are a few limitations on EQD comments that Reddit would get around, but we make due with what we have!

    So hop down there and drop a question. Try to avoid starting comment threads if you don't have a question to ask.

    Right now we have Cereal, Calpain, and myself (Sethisto), though the others might join in later on.   If it's fun, we will probably do it again in the future anyway!  Preface your questions with Cereal: Calpain:, or Sethisto: if you want to ask one of us something specifically.

    Now go!

    Update: Times up! We will hit the remaining questions, but feel free to save the ones you are currently thinking of for next time!