• Anneli Heed on Stay Brony My Friends

    Anneli Heed, the Swedish Spitfire who made waves a while back is popping up on Stay Brony My Friends tonight! Head on down past the break for all the relevant infos on it!

    Join Dustykatt, Screwball, CowboyDave and the rest of the usual crazies this Monday as we welcome Anneli Heed LIVE from Sweden!

    That's Right! (Best Andrew Francis voice) Anneli will be staying up late for you to ask her all kinds of questions.

    Not only does she voice our beloved Spitfire, but she is also the singing voice for Rainbow Dash, Photo Finish, Bon Bon and Spike!
    She has also taken over for Sweetie Belle and Cheerilee since Episode 18.

    But that's not all! She's worked on Half Life 2, Kung Fu Panda, Kid vs Kat, Transformers Prime and Gravity Falls to name a few.

    She also tells us she will have a special announcement for all her fans during the show!

    So get your questions ready and come join the fun.

    Come to http://everfree.net/channels/viewer/ at 5pm PST, 8pm EST or 2am on Tuesday morning in Sweden!