• (Updated) A Grey Muffin Related Pony Possibly on the Way?

    A few hours ago, someone in the submit box going by the name of Thaius sent over a short bit of information from SacAnime.  Apparently they talked to Grey DeLisle (voice actress of Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender) about a twitter message she sent out a while back where she teased that she would be voicing "a grey pony".  This lead to an autographed laptop, with "a line that the pony would say".  And the line? "Muffins". 

    Now you may have noticed the dancing Twilight a few minutes ago.  Our blog intern for life and resident Azula fanboy PK, decided to bug her via direct message on twitter for confirmation (character cap and internet term abbreviations included), and the above was the response.   Either she's trollier than Tara Strong, or we may be seeing some muffins and muffin related grey ponies in a future season.  Obviously it's not 100% confirmation on anything, but it's fun to dream right?

    So dance away Twilight Sparkle! 

    (Update: This has been confirmed to be a fan Project! I'm still interested in seeing it though! Not a lot of those end up with industry voice actors.)