• Nightly Roundup #546

    Everytime I see paper lanterns I think of that one scene from Tangled where the sky is filled with nothing but the beautiful little things. Considering Rarity's skill with the arts, I think she would make beautiful lanterns.

    News time ponies! Check it all after the break!

    Thanks to the folks who pointed out my movie name derp.

    Pony in a Box Fanart Contest

    A contest has been launched by the Pony in a Box folks to celebrate the New Year! For chance at a copy of DOTA2, check out the details below on how to enter.

    Hello Box fans! It’s time for another fanart contest! The winner gets a copy ofDota 2 on Steam. Draw something from any of our productions for a chance to win! Try your best and most of all have fun with it! The winner will be decided on the first of Febuary. The rules are as follows:
    1) No Porn
    2) Art must be created from some kind of Ponyinabox Production, these include the Doctor Whooves Adventures, Daring Do Adventures, All Aboard and The Storybook Project.
    3) All entries must be submitted by January 25th
    4) Only submit your own artwork. If you submit someone else’s art, you will be disquallified.
    5) No foul language that would make something exceed PG rating.
    6) Email Entry to [email protected] with the tagline Art Contest Entry

    Feed the Beast Brony Modpack for Minecraft

    For you Minecraft players out there, another pony mod has been released for us to play with! Details on the mod and how to download it can be found down below thanks to information sent in by Jon.

    I am a huge Minecraft player and I have been reciently been using the FTB (Feed-The-Beast) mod pack launcher [http://feed-the-beast.com/] and earlier this week they introduced the Brony Modpack for version 1.4.6. I was just letting you know about the pack since I haven't seen anything about it as of yet. Here is a screen shot of the pack in the launcher [http://gyazo.com/e488c1d4f2254c13b62ed6a33937639e.png?1357179198].

    Snowdrop Update!

    For you following the Snowdrop project, they have released a bit of an update for you pining for information.

    Traveling Pony Museum Artist Search

    Copy Paste:

    Aether Naut here and boy do I have a message for you! 

    The Traveling Pony Museum is taking submissions for our 2013 convention tour and we want YOU!

    That's right, you sitting there reading this!

    Do you draw, sculpt, sew, paint, create? Then the Traveling Pony Museum wants to feature your artwork at major conventions across the United States!

    The museum is already signed up for BronyCon 2013 and Big Apple Pony Con 2013 with the rest of the schedule pending. Previous con attendances include BronyCon 2012, TrotCon 2012 and Everfree NW 2012. 

    See your work featured along side artists like Pixel Kitties, Egophiliac, Whitedove-Creations, John Joseco, Whitty Kitty, Frozenpyro21 and more! You can check out the current list of participating artists on the museum website -  www.travelingponymuseum.com

    Send over an email with your name and examples of your work to [email protected] 

    Oh yeah, and if you're a current artist with the museum you can help change up the pieces on display for the upcoming conventions. Send an email to Inky Notebook ([email protected]) to set up a plan. 

    On a last note the staff applications we received (Over 100 of them!) are being reviewed and interview requests are being sent out. Please check your emails if you submitted an application. If you didn't receive a return email, feel free to pester Inky! ([email protected]

    Remember, we're looking for all artists, big and small, to have their work featured! After three successful conventions so far, we'd like to make 2013 even better. (We're also accepting older generation pony artwork as well.)

    Hope you'll join the museum upon my airship this year! Boy I can't wait to see the submissions~

    -Aether Naut
    Traveling Pony Museum Airship Captain

    MLP RPG Game Update and Name Change

    The MLP RPG has released a new update as well as a name change for their game, updating it to MLP RPG: Fighting the Unknown. The name change comes with significant storyline changes while the update introduces the concept of a multiplayer component.

    They would also like to ask the community for help finding artists and VAs for the game.

    You can find more information at their site located here.


    The Lightning Round - Episode 29

    Copy Paste:

    This is the 29th episode of my My Little Pony podcast The Lightning Round. I'm gonna tell you the biggest news of the last week and highlight some of the best media.  This week we have our review of Season 3 Episode 9: Spike at Your Service.  Special thanks to Joel Linsk for the wonderful opening theme and Azure Doodle for the new title card.

    The Brony Show - Episode 80

    Copy Paste:

    This Monday on The Brony Show, CircuitMane, D-Pad, Blanked Mind, and company will be covering the news from the last week (or more due to holidays) and watching episodes and fan videos. This week the crew is interviewing fan artist Sketchywolf, notable for his Ratfink art style (see here: http://sketchywolf-13.deviantart.com/gallery). Feel free to join us. The fun starts at 6 PM PST (8 PM CST) and feel free to join in on The Brony Show Afterparty after the show. If you join the livestream when, or before, the show starts you are automatically entered into the "Iron Pony Competition" to see who can remain in the chat room the longest, you simply have to post in the chat at least once every twenty minutes. Hope to see you guys there!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Tusla Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    For all Oklahoma Bronies. The Tulsa Bronies will be have a meetup on the 12th on January at laser Quest. We will talk, eat, and (what else) shoot each other with lasers.
    We will met at Laser Quest at  2909 S Sheridan Rd # B, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74129
    At 5 pm . For more info check our facebook page at
    Hope to see yall there.

    Bangladesh Bronies

    Facebook Page
    Equestria Space Command Guild

    Copy Paste:

    Hi, this is Twilight Starlight of Equestria Space Command (EQSC) here to advertise our clan.
    We mainly play Halo 4 and on certain occasions, Gears of War 3 and we run regular meetups where we play and have fun and we have a very friendly community that welcome new members with open arms.

    If you're interested in joining and meeting new bronies to play some Halo with, sign up at http://eqspacecommand.enjin.com/home

    Hope to see you in the EQSC!


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Crotchet Plush

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