• Streams and Marathons Today!

    It's Friday, and that means it's time for the annual weekly pre-episode party!

    Head on down past the break for all the usual links and what is going on at each!


    "We at BronyState hope you all had an awesome and Merry Christmas! Once again, it's Friday and that means Brony Movie Night! Movies this week are WALL-E and Christmas Do-Over (as selected by J.E.Smith71 and Gaston respectively). Episodes that follow are Winter Wrap-Up (appropriately timed!) and Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 (picked by SaxyPretender and Crimson_Phoenix respectively). Fun starts at 7 PM EST and again at 2 PM EST on Saturday.

    Start of the weekend also means a new Pony Episode, "Spike at Your Service!"! We have the usual Pre and Post Show brought to you by both BronyState and Celestia Radio before and after the episode. Episode premieres at 10:30 AM EST. It's going to be fun so be sure not to miss it!"

    Brony TV


    With Christmas here and gone, all the mods are waking up from the food comas in time for this weeks mare-a-thon labeled "spike at your service aka the importance of being applejack" this week the staple of all the MLP episodes one can handle, friendship is witchcraft, random music, pmv's, and a few hilarious suprises along the way all leading to this weeks appletastic episode, it begins at 7pm est. hope to see y'all there!

    Filly Synchtube

    I hope everyone had a good Christmas on Tuesday, and I hope you all will join us once again for another Filly Mare-A-Thon! It will be starting at 4 leading up to the streaming of the new episode.

    http://www.synchtube.com/r/filly   (main room)

    A note that any room not listed above is not ours and we will not be in there.

    Brony Network

    Howdy Ya'll hope ya'll had a great christmas week and now heading into the new year so whats not bring in a friday movie night to played at BronyNetwork3 to end in the new year with "Eddie Murphy: Coming To America" Starting @ 10:30pm, then @1am saturday morning, we'll be heading to BronyNetwork4 for the 5 hour MLP:FIM marathon with pony music videos (PMV'S), then @6am it's 4 hours saving the world with Doctor Who (Season 3). then @9:30am is the MLP:FIM Season 3 Pre-show where we catch up on 2 season 3 episodes leading up to the new episode. then @10:30am is the new episode of MLP, then finally @11am after the new episode is the entire day of MLP marathon. we hope to see you there and have a happy new year! ^^ (All Time Zones are in Eastern U.S. Time)