• Saturday Merchandise: "So Much Merch" Edition

    On the eve of new episode day, we have a merchandise post with way more pony-related memorabilia than you can possibly handle, unless you have a lot of money. Then you can probably handle it. You can probably also handle a lot more things, like buying a helicopter and battling a shark from it.

    Regardless, we start today with a set of coloring books found in North Texas. Thanks, James!

    Click the break for some more.

    A pair of brony suspenders. Thanks, sawyersfilms!

    A pair of bags, found at a Hot Topic. I think they're new!

    A different design for the Rainbow Dash backpack, found at Hot Topic. Thanks, jodragen!

    A new store has opened up selling MLP t-shirts and other merchandise. You can find the store here. It's not all G4, but there are some gems in there, like the shirt above. Thanks, Ian!

    A pair of shirts found at a Walmart in Tennessee! One is a child's shirt, one is adult. Thanks, Jenn H!

    A Christmas stocking found at an F.Y.E. in Texas! Thanks, Claire!

    A advent calendar, found in a store called Kaufland in Germany. Thanks, Thunderlane!

    A belt and buckle set, again found at a Hot Topic. Thanks, Julia!

    Some coloring and activity books, featuring a very weird Cadance vector. Found at a Dollar Tree. Thanks, Alice!

    Finally, some fleecy fabric, found at Jo Ann fabrics for about $13.99 a yard. Thanks, Tess!

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