• Enterplay Autograph Liker Contest

    Enterplay has a neat and incredibly easy looking contest going on over on their Facebook page.  Sets of 7 special edition signed MLP Trading cards are up for grabs, each with a specialized slot for their specific pony.  Judging by how much the promos are still going for even after the wider availability, I'm pretty sure these are something you definitely want to grab even if you aren't a collector.   So far we have clear images of Celestia and Fluttershy, with more releasing each day.   All in all, it looks like Rarity, Pinkie, Spike, Snips, and Twilight will be joining them. 

    Head on over to their rules page for how you will enter this one (Or find that below) , then like them on their new Enterplay Facebook Page for your chance to win!

    Please copy and paste, or type, in the email:
    "By sending this email, I agree that I have read and complied with the Official Rules.
    I understand that if I am the winner I will be notified by reply to this email."

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