• Random Merch: Sound Book, Combs, Mirrors, and More

    Time for more of that random merch! Today we start off with this soundbook from Lidl in Germany submitted by Ramott. I remember these things as a kid, they usually broke within a week for me.  Hopefully new ones are higher quality!

    Have some random merch!

    Mirror and Comb Set

    You love brushing pretty pony, don't you? These were found at Toys R' Us by James. 

    Childrens Clothing

    For those of you with kids, or the really small among us, some new pony clothing is available in New Zealand at Kids and Farmers. thanks to Sunfur for the images!

    Another Sticker Book

    Yep, just in case you needed more. Looks like the vectors are your typical stock ones.   Thanks to Rory for the images.

    And that about covers it for random merch! Yay~