• Nightly Roundup #492

    Studying would be a lot more fun for me if I could relax in a hammock suspended in the air by stars. Unfortunately I have neither stars or even a hammock so I guess it's my loss.

    Time for a brief Roundup tonight folks, so check it out after the break. I have also taken the liberty of getting our numbering back on track so huzzah to that (Bad Seth! Bad pony! *bop*)

    German Brony Needs Data!

    Whenever I hear the need for data my ears immediately perk up and this case isn't an exception. A Brony over in Germany is in need of some data to finish their Bachelor's thesis and would really love if you guys can give some opinions in a survey she has constructed. Check out the info below:
    My dear bronies. I'm a student from Germany and I currently work on my final thesis. I have watched MLP for almost two years now and since I like the show and the fandom so much I decided to make bronies the topic of this final thesis. But there is hardly no data about bronies (except for bronystudy) that I can use, so I made a questionaire myself to get an insight into the brony fanculture.
    It would really help if you could answer my questionaire! Thank you very much!
    Survey Link

    Sins of Friendship Update

    For those of you who are fans of Sins of Friendship we have a little update for you tonight. Take a look below for the details!

    As it has been over a month since the last MLP Sins episode, i thought that i'd issue an update for people.

    Basically have no fear Episode 4 and beyond are on the way, Episode 4 has been written, but due to university work and other commitments they will take a lot longer to release. However, i will be trying to make the episodes longer.

    As ever a big thank you to everyone who has watched, commented, subscribed and otherwise supported the series!

    At the moment i am open to business type partnerships, artwork, plushies, etc, so if anyone wants to sell Sins merch to promote my series, please get in contact on this email address. ([email protected])

    Thanks, McTwiggyfication (Josh)

    Youtube Channel

    Ponycision 2012!

    This started earlier tonight so I hope we're not too late, but Ponycision 2012 has begun! In our quest to elect a new Princess of Equestria who will take the top spot? You guys decide!

    It's Ponycision2012! Tonight 8 pm CDT Equestria will vote the new Princess of Equestria.

    Join the BIG conversation on TWITTER via #Ponycision2012 and watch the livestream of the EQI Season Finale: Ponycision2012  as the results come in. LIVE on everfree.net

    Update: We were a bit late on this one and apparently the event is already over. Can't catch them all on time I suppose!

    Pony Fiction Vault Celebrates Birthday!

    Today the Pony Fiction Vault celebrates its one year anniversary with a new logo and freshly-updated ebooks; sixty ponyfic authors have been interviewed to date, with a new interview every week!

    Pony Fiction Vault

    EqD Car Skin!

    Pony Card List Site

    A cool site has popped up with the goal of trying to get a list as detailed as possible of the pony trading cards. They've got a decent set already for you to view and highly detailed scans of some of the completed puzzle sets. Check out the site below!

    List Site

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Santa Clarita Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Greetings and felicitations mares and gentlecolts! Would you care to chat with fellow bronies over a nice cup of java, or perhaps a spotting cup of tea, or perhaps some other miscellaneous beverage such as mixed coffee/tea drinks, cocoa, or herbal infusions? Would you like to also dine on some marvelous baked goods and healthy snacks along with your refreshing beverage? Then why not pay a visit to the Coffee Bean & Teahouse at the Westfield Valencia Town Center in Santa Clarita, California this Friday November 9 at 5 P.M.? Besides that specific coffeehouse there is also a plethora of nearby restaurants to dine at for a sumptuous and delectable dinner. If we grow tired of staying in one location then we could browse the mall for their fine commodities. The Bronies of Santa Clarita are a friendly and welcoming group of bronies and we would love it if you had time to spare for an evening of social recreation and dining. If this goes over well then we may make this a monthly or bimonthly occurrence.

    Here is a link to the event page on Facebook:


    And here is a link to the SoCal Bronies event page:


    We hope to see new and familiar faces alike! /)^3^(\
    East PA Bronies

    Copy Paste:

    We are a brand new meetup group based in Eastern Pennsylvania US who plan to host monthly meetups, however we are in the planning stage and still gauging interest
    Currently, we have a survey up to give us some ideas about what potential attendees would like from the meetups and we would appreciate it if anyone interested could take a look and fill it in

    We also have an RDN group and E-Mail if you require any further information


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Charms and Customs
    Christmas Stocking