• Friendship is Magic Issue #1 - Discussion Post

    It's close enough to an episode right?

    The first issue of the Friendship is Magic comic has been released, and I'm sure all of you that have picked it up are already reading the hell out of it.  

     If you are having trouble locating it, IDW has it up for official download over on their website (or here if that doesn't work, same seller, direct link).  Or as mentioned last night, iTunes has it, though they are specifically for iOS devices (Don't buy it for your PC like I did! It downloads, sits in your library, but won't open).   If you want a physical copy, a few of the variants are still in stock.

    Anyway, head on down to the comments and discuss! What did you think of the first issue of the pony comic?

    Update: If you downloaded it from Comixology as opposed to iTunes, I'd recommend hitting up their app for mobile devices.  Panel by panel is actually really awesome on the phone.