• Wallpaper Compilation #73


    I looked all over our wallpaper folder, and I didn't see a single Rarity one. She wasn't even in any of the multiple-pony ones. Seriously disappointed, guys. We need more Rarity driving Russian tanks and stuff. Steampunk. Something.

    Just as a reminder, the preview images are just that- previews. Follow the source link for the full-sized wallpaper, and support the artist.

    Wallpapers, half off, after the break.

    Source 1
    Equestrian Democracy

    Source 2

    Source 3
    RAINBOW | Dash / bluedelta

    Source 4
    Rainbow n' Rooted: Wallpaper

    Source 5
    The Moon Shines

    Source 6

    Source 7
    Songbird of the Wasteland

    Source 8
    Sweetie Shake - Wallpaper

    Source 9
    Babs Or Bad ? - Wallpaper

    Source 10
    Scootaloo Loves DIDNEY WORL - Wallpaper

    Source 11
    PINKIE PIE - Wallpaper

    Source 12
    Wallpaper Collab ~ Dictator.

    Source 13
    Wallpaper ~ Sm3xu Mena.

    Source 14
    Wallpaper ~ A Pink World.

    Source 15
    King Sombra-Infection of Darkness-Wallpaper

    Source 16
    Derpy Hooves Wallpaper

    Source 17
    Magical Typography

    Source 18
    Pink Power Wallpaper

    Source 19
    Need For Speed: Most Wanted (MLP Style)

    Source 20
    Scootaloo Typography

    Source 21
    Free To Use.::.Twilight Sparkle Desktop

    Source 22
    Free To Use.::.Applejack Desktop

    Source 23
    Dashing in the canyons