• EDEL Limited Edition DVD Includes Toy

    On the 7th of December when the EDEL MLP DVD releases for all you European bronies, the limited edition version will also include a pony toy.  We don't have any specific information on what exactly this toy will be at this time, but hopefully images of it will appear soon!

    Thanks to Galacon for the press release! Find it below:
    Double-surprising x-mas-gifts from “My Little Pony” December 7th! Friends of “My Little Pony” should mark this special date in their calendars. Just in time for Christmas, Edel:Kids offers an exclusive package: New DVD episodes come bundled with a special collectors pony toy in an affectionately designed box.  For the first time, all of the four episodes are available in original language (English) on the German market. The fourth episode “The Cutie Mark Chronicles” is unreleased so far. The package with DVD and toy pony will be available for approximately 15 Euro. It will contain one of six different toys for pony fans of all ages. With this Limited Edition, you'll get bright eyes shining as bright as your Christmas tree!

    (Update: Toy Located
    (Thanks to That Guy in the Corner for the image)