• Story Updates September 14th (Afternoon)

    Only two story updates? Does this mean I'm going to be flooded tomorrow? I'm scared. 

    Story: My Little Pony - Hospice (Update Story 2 Part 14!)


    Author: Cudpug/Alex Phillimore
    Description: A ten-part story revolving around Rarity and her rapidly declining lifestyle after becoming consumed by the fashion industry. The main theme of the narrative is helping those in need.
    My Little Pony - Hospice

    Story: Giving Love a Helping Hoof (Update Part 12!)


    Author: Kroqgar
    Description: Since the creation of the Elements themselves, the bearers of Harmony have never found true happiness. After seeing so many generations of unfulfilled ponies, Princess Celestia decides to do something about it.
    Giving Love a Helping Hoof