• Nightly Roundup #438

    I had no idea what to use as a header tonight so have something ridiculous. If you guys would like to suggest a header for tomorrow I'd be happy listen!

    Short one tonight folks, check it out after the break.

    Best to Start by Getting Cake Out of the Way

    A Rather Random Video

    Yet Another Pony Tattoo!

    At the rate we're getting these we might as well call the Nightly Roundups the Cake and Tattoo Roundups.

    My Little Critiques

    The ever curious BronyCurious has recently released some videos hoping to address some minor sticking points the fandom has with various aspects of the show. Currently he has videos detailing Applejack's under representation and the Nightmare Moon story arc. Check out the links to the vids below.

    AJ Video
    Nightmare Moon Video

    Now You Too Can Ride Multicolored Equines Into Battle!

    You guys will mod anything, won't you? This new mod for Mount and Blade: Warband replaces real life horses with their much more marshmallowy counterparts. Now you too can charge into battle riding Twilight Sparkle! Now if only they can mod the unicorn's horns to act as a lance of some sort...

    Youtube Video (Download Link in Description)

    Brony Network Weekend Marathon

    The Brony Network guys will be running a marathon of season 1 and season 2 over the upcoming weekend. Starting Saturday on September 15th at 7am PST they will be streaming season one while the next at 7am PST they will be streaming season 2. Come join them at the link below.


    Midnight Magic Productions Asking for Auditions!

    Copy Paste:

    Hello everyone! Corey W. Williams (author of the Vinyl Scratch Tapes) and GreatDinn, in partnership with Midnight Magic Productions, are opening auditions for a new radio series called Newsponies, a comedy about the two largest television news networks in Equestria, ten years in the future. But rather than clutter up another roundup with a wall of text, we made this neat little doc. So if you can't watch the video, click the link right here. And to prove we aren't just blowing smoke, have a little snippet of the second episode script.

    Hey Ocean Kickstarter Nears Its Goal!

    Awhile back we reported on Ashleigh and her band Hey Ocean holding a Kickstarter to earn enough money to start a world tour. Well, that fundraising effort is nearing completion and has less than $3k left to go in 12 days! Thanks to all of you who donated and to any of you willing to chip in a little after reading this to help them satisfy their goal. After all, who wouldn't want to help out Applejack and Rainbow Dash?

    Hey Ocean Kickstarter


    Archie's Ponyup Podcast - Episode 3

    Episode Link
    BroNEcast - Episode 22

    Copy Paste:

    Wow! This week the BroNEcast sits down with a very special guest, the delightful, Scarlett Peace. She graced us with a wonderful interview and a live performance of some of her favorite songs! It's over skype, so the quality may not be the greatest, but it was still incredible to have her on! We also discuss, the upcoming PON3 CON, her Mane 6 Table Talk series, and her views on the fandom! Be sure to check us out at our home on Muscle Tower (http://www.muscletower.com/podcasts/bronecast-p16/) or subscribe to us on iTunes! You can also follow us on twitter (@BroNEcast), tumblr (BroNEcast.tumblr.com), like us on facebook (facebook.com/BroNEcast) or email us at [email protected]!


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