• Nightly Roundup #429

    Trixie Tries her best to look cool, but needing a wand makes her look like a fool. 
    I spent all day rhyming, and it was a pain in the flank.
    My brain is on fire, and is dying to blank.

    But looking back at the last few hours, I can't help but see.
    The comments filled with happiness, sophistication, and glee.

    We had a virtual rap battle with hundreds participating.
     A few even went full on musician, with egos inflating.

    Our Tubey Award invasion was a huge success.
    Luna's domination over all is sure to impress.

    And so ends Talk like Zecora day, with a roundup as the cap.
    It took all day for someone to tell me my formatting was crap! 

    Friendship is Dragons Requests Guests

    The MLP/D&D comic Friendship is Dragons is reaching the end of its Dragonshy arc. Once it ends, there will be a period of about two and a half weeks before the next arc begins. That stretch of time needs guest comics to fill it in!

    For guest artists, there are a couple of hard rules, but other than that you're open to use just about whatever topic and whatever art you please. The final images will be due by September 29th. Thanks in advance, roleplaying bronies!

    The OC-Licious Challenge

    The Legends of Equestria Forum is running an OC-Licious Event.  Check out this video for information on how you can join!


    Mystery Pony Theater 20.000

    Copy Paste: 
    Alright after two weeks of being lazy, getting college stuff taken care of, being lazy, more college stuff, and more laziness i finally have an episode up for you guys and i significantly apologize for the delay and also this will be our last vid until thankgiving ish or if not that than December but we plan on doin a crap ton of stuff then so ill have content to trickle out to ya for a while so sit back relax and enjoy the random weird antics of mystery pony theater 20,000

    Mystery Pony Theater 20,000 Season 1 episode 21 "Over a Barrel"

    ThatOneBronycast's channel

    Journey of the Spark Interview

    Copy Paste: 
    I was interviewed on Stay Brony, My Friends concerning the upcoming fan-animated movie Journey of the Spark. So if you're curious to know more details about the project as well as what the overall goal and intentions of the film are, definitely check it out!


    BroNEcast 21 - Braeburned 



    Successful Meetups

    [RU]Bronycon II

    At 2nd of September at Moscow, Russia was successfully held Summer [Ru]BronyCon (has no affiliation with BronyCon team). It was the second major convention for Russian-speaking bronies.
    The convention was visited by more than 200 persons, mostly from Moscow metropolitan area, and also from other other cities and CIS countries, like Ukraine.

    Visitors enjoyed the cosplayers and parodists performances, had been listening to live music by Przewalski's Ponies band and other performers, and was learning to draw and to make handcraft items with a group of artists. But the most spectacular part was a final matches of Mane6 competitions, which was projected on a large screen.
    Near the end there was presented beta version of game “EquiQuest”.

    More infos here!

    Western Michigan Meetup

    The Western Michigan Bronies group had a meetup in Grand Ledge, MI (near Lansing) in which we rented out a local theatre to watch ponies for 3 hours! Afterwards we retired to the local park and had a picnic complete with pony cake. There was much music, card trading, plushie hugging, coloring, and gaming galore. We also had juice-boxes! :3
    If you are a Brony anywhere in the lower half of Michigan (not necessarily just the western Michigan area) and are looking for a lively group of fun people and meet-ups; join us at  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Westmibronies/

    Western Michigan Beach Meetup

    Western Michigan Bronies had a Meet-up last month at Grand Haven where we swam with the see-ponies, made sand-ponies, eat watermelon and generally frolicked in the surf. If you would like to join up go to:


    Ottawa Ikea Meetup

    Ottawa Bronies succesfully ate and had merriment and an Ikea, we drew many stares from onlookers as we walked about in our pony swag. We also stopped by a nearby Michaels and were able to find some colouring books and educate cashiers on Bronies. We capped off the evening by heading to a local bar and sipping the night away and, again, informing the staff all about bronies. Have a picture as well



    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Cookeville Tennessee Meetup

    Where: Tennessee Tech Fitness Center, 1150 McGee Blvd.
    When: Friday Aug, 7th (this Friday) at 4:30 PM

    We're having a DDR party because we have a DDR machine, with pony songs on it!
    We've loaded this songpack: http://youtu.be/zZlIAwThu1s
    And this one too: http://youtu.be/qZb5fKQSJes
    If you know of more pony song packs please let us know.

    See more information at: http://www.meetup.com/Tech-Bronies/events/80442232/