• Hasbro Announces MLP Licensing for 2013

    This pie chart represents all of the delicious flavors of pastry that can be put into a single pie tin without any party guests walking away in disgust. It's also evocative of Hasbro's new litany of license announcements for the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. Ponies are popular and Hasbro is aggressively ramping up their marketing efforts to expand into new areas, most especially the Asian markets.

    This License Magazine article details the full story and lists all the companies Hasbro has supplied with a license to manufacture products bearing the My Little Pony likeness. Many of the North American companies are in fact renewals of pre-existing licenses, ensuring the likes of We Love Fine will continue to be able to supply us with awesome pony shirts in perpetuity. Other licenses include companies manufacturing things such as rugs, oral care products, school supplies, and the other usual assortment of items you would expect in a line of children's entertainment products. A notable pickup is the clothing manufacturer Goodie Two Sleeves, a self professed "clean humor" t-shirt company that has not yet produced an MLP-licensed shirt. As they market primarily toward older audiences, there is potential here for another brony oriented clothing line.

    While none of the announcements directly refer to the brony community, the We Love Fine renewal represents a commitment by Hasbro to continue marketing towards us. As they continue to expand and experiment, will we begin to see more and better products as a result? Time will tell.

    Thanks to Vicki Fox for the heads up! Check out the chart they sent below for specifics:  

    Partner company
    Product line
    Goodie Two Sleeves (USA)
    Apparel (T-shirts and hoodies)
    Gertmanian (USA)
    Salesone International (USA)
    New Clothing Limited (Australia)
    Mighty Fine (USA)
    Pan Oceanic (USA)
    Schwager & Steinlein (UK)
    Sundra International (Asia)
    Photo Pack-MX (Mexico)
    School supplies
    Bengawan Solo (Asia)
    Food items
    Church & Dwight (USA)
    Oral care products
    Alikhan Live Entertainment (Asia)
    Entertainment products
    Wei Chang Ching Enterprises (China)
    Bath products