• The Return of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Today

    A year ago, Equestria Daily unveiled a brand new event. Thirty days, thirty themes, thirty drawings, an art extravaganza open to everyone. Every night we'd hand out a new assignment, and every night we'd post the entries to a featured gallery right here to show off the work and improvement of all involved.

    The results were phenomenal. More than 5,500 images were produced, and hundreds of artists built a foundation for themselves or honed their technique. And today, at midnight, Pacific Daylight Time, we're bringing it back. Featuring a refined lesson plan with both new and classic themes, a new and improved submission system, and a whole lot of pony, the Artist Training Grounds hopes to explode back onto the scene.

    Yes, you can draw a pony. It's easier than you think. And here's a little bonus incentive: Sethisto went and purchased a tablet specially for this event. Give it a try, and learn along with our beloved pony overlord. And if that's not enough for you, we're putting together a real incentive program with real prizes you can win, just by drawing! There will be more details on that forthcoming in the coming days, but for now get your pencils, pens, brushes, markers, and styluses ready... the Training Grounds are about to open. Keep watching the site for your first assignment!