• National Pony Writing Month Begins Today

    August is the month for creative pony projects! Pre-reader Noble Cause ran this event last year to rousing success, so let's dust it off again and see what kind of literary works we produce this summer!

    For those of you not familiar, this event is much like the more famous National Novel Writing Month (which takes place in November), and sets the goal of 50,000 words about ponies doing pony things in the span of a single month. The idea here is not to produce a polished masterpiece, but rather to force you to write every day no matter what and teach you that you have at least one novel inside of you. Editing can come later, but only if you write, and write often. Even if you don't make the full 50k (or even come close), at least you tried, and at least you committed a new story idea to paper. Don't belittle that - it's more than most people would dare to do creatively. Be brave, and step up to the plate!

    If this is something you're interested in, I invite you to check below the page break for the official writeup by Noble Cause:

    My writerly colts and mares, welcome to the crazy! It's August first! Flex those hooves, look over your outline, and get your Red Bison out of the mini-fridge. Let's write, shall we?

    So, I've had some questions for those participating, either with no prior knowledge of the original National Novel Writing Month, or never having done an event of this magnitude. Some of those involved in this have never picked up a pen or put hoof to keyboard before. That's perfectly fine. Below are a few usual questions I've gotten from your fellow ponies, and a little surprise.

    Q. Do I have to write the whole 50,000 words?

    A. Not at all. Some of the better fics to come out of this event barely broke 5 K last year. Do NOT feel obligated to push yourself if you feel that your work doesn't go beyond 3,000, or 5,000, or 20,000 words. The story is done and the tale is told in however many words you need.

    Q. Where do I send my fic?

    A. One of three ways, either attach it in an e-mail to [email protected], post it to FimFic (you're welcome to post chapters there as you go) or throw it on Gdocs. Whatever works for you.

    Q. Is there a FAQ or central website for more info about this whole thing?

    A. Unfortunately not. This is a one-mare show, and I do... pretty much everything on my own. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't be afraid to e-mail. I do have a day job, but I check my e-mail every morning and evening, and I have Fridays off along with the weekends. That's the best times to grab me.

    Q. Do I get anything for this?

    A. Mostly just bragging rights, and (if you so desire to submit it properly), possibly ending up here on Equestria Daily.

    Q. That's nice, but anything substantial?

    A. Well, here's some news. If things are looking up for me at the end of this event, financially speaking, I'll see about possibly getting some random participants Steam games on the cheap. That's finances permitting, of course.

    That's all for now, my friends. May the ideas be cohesive, the words flow like Canterlot's falls, and the stress be low-key. Remember, this is all in fun.

    Good luck, and ENJOY YOURSELVES!

    All the best,
    - Noble Cause