• Nightly Roundup #395

    Sleepy Twilight edition, because her mane actually looks better when it's messy.   Time for some roundupyness! It's a shorter one. 

    We also have a new Olympics banner from Bouxn. If you want to submit one, the deadline is August 4th! Make sure you get them in soon! Information can be found here!

    Bronies Invade Swedish Radio

    Looks like they love talking to us over there! Have a audio recording, and a translation courtesy of Filip.

    Australian TF2 Competition

    We at the Aussie Bronies steam group recently got a new TF2 server after we lost our old one and are throwing a party on Friday 3rd of August at 10:00PM Kiwi time (That translates to 8PM East Australia time, 7:30 Mid Australia time and 6PM West Australian time). We're handing out prizes consisting of ingame items which contain the following:

    The Pile o' gifts will be given whenever we change maps. The Secret Saxtons will be handed out whenever we finish a round within a map.

    The MVP of a round can pick one of the other prizes (with the exception of keys) when he achieves his MVP (I suspect the Balloonicorn will go fast).

    The keys? Well....they're given away in a secret hidden method. :P


    Successful Meetups

    Israeli Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    So after months without a meetup we started to miss eachother. Well, most of us did. Besides, last meetup we had a mixup and forgot to invite Tombstone, so we had to arrange a new one!
    So we made reservations at a burger restaurant in a Cinema City, a big place we have here in Israel. We had a private room with a plasma screen TV and episodes of the show running while we ate. After we finished eating, The Living Tombstone (Yoav), and his sister, The Living Sister (Yael)
    joined us and we had a few good laughs while watching Sonic Rainboom, listened to some songs both by him and by me (Cluttershy), and had lots and lots of fun getting to know eachother. Afterwards, some of us went home and some of us went to see a movie. A very very long one, which Tombstone and his sister had to go right before the end.

    Puerto Rican Meetup

    Copy Paste:
    he Puertorican Bronies Did their first successful Meetup With A Hot-but-fun Photoshoot At "El Jardin Botanico" in caguas.

    All Of the participants Have made a cosplay of a pony (Oc And Show), and also Had what it looks like a Chaos Teaching From Discord.Shown Below

    Argentina Meetup

    There we had Q&A about the series, general talks, some merchandising available like pins (until the jealous local vendors who had nothing to offer send the police to tell us to stop all transactions), music and art exchanges from local artists.


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Northern California Group



    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pinkie Pie Controller
    Pony Ties, with an "EQD Code for 10% off!
    3D printer Ponies for Cheap! Artist needs financial help!
    Pony Pins!