• My Little Investigations OC Contest!

    Equestrian Dreamers is running a contest for a chance to win a spot for your very own personal OC pony in their My Little Investigations game that probably all of you have heard of.   If you want a chance at it, head on past the break for all the information on joining the contest, or hit up their website here!

    Hey everypony! So, are you feeling that Town Square still is empty? Want to get involved in the project? Well, now is your chance! Today, we will give you the chance to have one of your OC's (Original Character) be put into My Little Investigations! So, before I get this ball rolling, let's lay down some ground rules for this contest.

    1. Each entry must have a name, picture, and brief background description of the original character. By brief, I mean keep it under a couple of paragraphs. No novels please. The character must be a pony from either the earth, pegasi, or unicorn race. No alicorns or non-ponies allowed here since we want to keep the game as show accurate as possible.

    1a. You may submit as many OC's to us as you want. You may put multiple OC's in your entry instead of making one for each one. However, rest assured that there will only be ONE winning OC per winner. And remember, quality will always beat out quantity. We want to see your best!

    2. You will have one month to submit your entries from today. All entries will be accepted up till September 19th, 12 AM PST. We will select the best three entries from the list.

    3. Absolutely NO grim-dark, rule 34, inappropriate/controversial (for example, using a religious symbol for a cutie mark) OC ponies will be considered.

    4. You are certainly allowed to ponify any member of the team if you so wish. However, doing so will not gain you extra consideration. We will consider every entry equally.

    5. If you are one of the three winners, you will be allowed to write a short joke (That WILL be voiced by our voice actors) involving the OC pony and Twilight. However, Equestrian Dreamers has the right to modify or write another joke if we find it necessary.

    6. Post your entries to either the official topic on the forums at this link http://www.equestriandreamers.com/forum/index.php?topic=1111.0 or at this email [email protected]

    And that's pretty much it! We look forward to seeing your entries very soon! Have fun and even if your OC character doesn't make it in this time... it is likely we will continue doing these contests for future cases. Good luck everypony!