• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 19

    Hey look, it's a Crobat pony. That's... more or less what I asked for, right? Well it's brilliant, so it must be. Yes, must be. Quite right. I was all set to imitate Olympic gymnast commentators in this slot when all of a sudden a pokemon came along and totally derailed me. And that's awesome. But it's awesome alongside a stable of 365 spinny, flexible, contortionist acrobat ponies, and that's even better. To go along with this, our first make-up gallery has just concluded, bringing with it a grand total of 268 more ponies! Our latecomers sure know how to create a stir. Combining these totals for tonight, our grand count for the event thus far is 12141 images. Just... wow. Wow on toast. With cinnamon and sugar.

    To submit for Day 19, follow the handy dandy link and fill out the form I'm sure you're all quite used to seeing by now. Our make-up gallery is closed for now, but don't worry! There will be another chance at the end to turn in any more late work you might wind up with. And just in case you've forgotten my e-mail, you can reach me at [email protected] 

    Tonight's theme is a bit of a breather, I'd like to hope. We're trying to stir up some strong and evocative (but still simple and fun) imagery to help get you guys back in the groove, or keep you there if you're one of our super-awesome iron ponies who have soldiered through thick and thin. But variety is the spice of life! So, Draw a pony cooking/Draw a pony with a plate. I'm sure you guys can think of tons of things to do with this. What are your favorite dishes? And how do you feel about Andy Dufresne?

    Tonight tonight tonight. It's a double gallery bonanza! First of all, check out the mixed up menagerie that is our make-up gallery, just to whet your appetite. Wait, no. I shouldn't be using food wordplay until tomorrow. Bad Phoe, bad! No gold medal. Aw, but I-- No! I said no! Not even a little one? Well gee, I'm unstable, aren't I? Don't answer that. Hop inside for all of the latest and greatest images of Scootaloo the world-champion acrobat, alongside Adobe ponies, gymnasts, Cutie Mark Crusaders Cannoneers, and the most stabled ponies you've ever laid eyes on. McKayla Maroney pony is not impressed. But she should be!