• Nightly Roundup #386

    It must be nice to have a sibling like Big Macintosh around. Dependable, hard working, and all around awesome, how could you go wrong?

    News time guys!

    My Little Dashie Visual Novel Demo

    In one of our earlier roundups we mentioned an upcoming My Little Dashie visual novel project being worked on by Daily Oat Production. Well, a demo has been released for PC and Mac for people to download and enjoy! Check out their site for a download link and their project tumblr below.

    Download Page
    Project Tumblr

    Pashapup Ballon Pony Art

    Pashapup, the artist known in the pony community for her wonderful stained glass pony artwork as well as her unforgettable comics such as Carnations and Forget-Me-Nots is currently trying her hand at balloon ponies! She is hoping to get some feedback on her early designs before going to the Brony Fan Fair in Austin, Texas.

    Take a look at the balloon art below and leave some feedback by visiting the dA links at the end of this segment if you can!

    Rainbow Dash dA Page
    Discord dA Page  

    Batman's Got a Little Secret...

    I wonder who his favorite pony is?

    Your Dose of Random

    A good friend of mine showed this to me on Skype. It sure is something to say the least...


    Mine Little Rulsis Livestream Marathon

    Copy Paste:

    On July 24th Tuesday, I will be hosting a LIVE Edition of my Brony Minecraft series MLR (Mine Little Rulsis) on the newly created Livestream Channel! It will begin at 11am Eastern, 10am Central and will go on until 11pm Eastern! I will also be accepting calls on Skype if anypony would like to chat during the stream. I hope the word gets out and look forward to tomorrow!

    DudeBroBrony Reactions to Stern

    Copy Paste:

    DudeBroBrony gives his thoughts on the recent reactions to Bronies and Bronycon by the unfortunatly famous Howard Stern. Warning, this video does discuss clopping and uses foul language. But all in all this "Dude Bro Reaction" is a pretty accurate take on how most Bronies view Stern and his thoughts on the community.

    YouTube Link

    Successful Meetups

    SoCal Bronies Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Up to 15 of us spent the day at Disney's California Adventure. We got on as many rides that we could as a group, especially some of the new recent rides.  One of the best unexpected parts that happened was during the Sorcerer's Workshop where we dubed over some of the Disney songs with Brony music. One of these instances fitted so perfectly, and since no one was filming this, one of the SoCal Bronies made the edit and posted it on Youtube. Overall, it was a total blast.

    Photo Gallery 
    Mesa, Arizona

    Copy Paste:

    Our Facebook group [titled "Secret of Magic"] had a meetup on Saturday. A total of 9 in attendance, with an overall group count of 60 ponies.

    We met at the Superstition Springs Mall, which is located in Mesa, Arizona.

    We had a great time!
    Redondo Beach

    Copy Paste:

    On Saturday, July 21st, about fifteen bronies from www.meetup.com/SoCalBronies showed up at the Redondo Beach Pier in Redondo Beach, southern California. We derped around in the arcade, we got pizza, we got saltwater taffy, we made a traditional raid on a nearby Toys R Us for pony toys, and we spread the magic of friendship!
    Philly Bronies

    Full Writeup

    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Everfree NW Road Trip and Tickets

    Copy Paste:

    IF YOU'RE IN TUCSON OR PHOENIX AREA and want to go to EVERFREE NW and don't have tickets, PLEASE READ!!!

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Celestia Plush