• Custom Compilation #77

    I still have say, Luna gets some of the best customs! Just look at her in all her regal glory.

    Customs time guys, check them out after the break.

    Source 1
    Luna 3

    Source 2
    Octavia G4 Custom

    Source 3
    Photo Finish Custom Blind Bag

    Source 4
    Nightmare Moon Blind Bag Custom

    Source 5
    Octavia Socks Blind Bag Custom

    Source 6
    Fallout: Equestria comm.

    Source 7
    Blind Bag Custom: Octavia

    Source 8
    Pinkie Pie shoes

    Source 9
    Steampunk Rarity

    Source 10
    Custom Queen Chrysalis

    Source 11
    Custom Clay Derpy the MailMare

    Source 12
    SONIC RAINBOOM!!!!!!!!

    Source 13
    Custom Pony for Alison

    Source 14
    Custom Blindbag Spitfire

    Source 15
    Custom Blindbag Shining Armor

    Source 16
    Twilight, Hopeless WIP Day 5

    Source 17
    Lyra Sculpture

    Source 18
    Epic Pinkie II

    Source 19
    Shadowbolt Scootaloo Blind Bag Custom

    Source 20
    Lyra Blind Bag Custom

    Source 21
    Bubble Berry

    Source 22
    Duct Tape Derpy

    Source 23
    Celestial patch

    Source 24
    Madmax OC pony custom sculpture

    Source 25
    MLP:FIM Derpy / Ditzy

    Source 26
    MLP:FIM Trixie

    Source 27
    Fluttershy Earrings - MLP

    Source 28
    The Great and Powerful Trixie Earrings

    Source 29
    Just Chillin in a Tree

    Source 30
    Spitfire Complete

    Source 31 - ParanoiaPie

    Source 32 - ParanoiaPie

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