• EQD Exclusive: Partial Season Three Script Leaked

    Here at Equestria Daily, we strive to always be on top of our game when it comes to rumors and leaks about the show. Today we continue that proud tradition by bringing to you some ground-breaking news from a leaked season three document posted by an anonymous source earlier this year.

    Through months of painstaking detective work and many failed attempts to reverse engineer this puzzling image, one of our ace field reporters (Whatshisgame) has turned up surprising details hidden within this photograph. You can see it below quite clearly:

    You may need a magnifying glass, but there it is, clear as day: the word 'Cadance', hidden in plain sight.

    What does this mean for season three? We at Equestria Daily can only speculate, but from this data point alone I feel particularly comfortable saying that season three will feature a 26-episode long adventure arc featuring every background pony ever named (fully voiced, of course), something about an explosion, and mountains and mountains of lions.

    Stay tuned to EQD for more hard-hitting news.