• Pre-Readers' Q&Neigh, Episode Tres! Questions, anypony?

    It's time to bring some questions to the third round stable of the Pre-Readers Q&Neigh!

    Hello everypony! Midnight Shadow here once more to wish you good tidings and joy. I'm feeling especially joyful today because my summer holiday started! (Ed: Can I get a "Whoop! Whoop!" ?)

    This is a brief call for questions or comments, and you can read more after the break!

    With fond memories of Bronycon fading into the summer heat (...which I didn't get to go to. Sad again now. Everypony: Aww), we the pre-readers thought it might be time to ask what burning questions are on the minds of the Equestria Daily readership—mostly we're concerned with writing, authorship and the creation of over-arching story worlds filled with a depth and wonder that excite mind and take the readers on a journey into the far-flung reaches of fantasy. Or maybe ones that just make you giggle for a spell.

    We've got some questions left over from last time, but as before we enjoy hearing from you all about EqD, pre-reading and our show. We'd like to know what's on your minds; what you do or don't like about what we do and how we can do things better, not just for pre-reading, but for the show too. You can leave them in the comments to this post, or you can email them to midnightshadow@equestriadaily.com

    We'll either be recording sometime in the next 24 hours, or next weekend - if it's the former, you can expect the show post to be up some time next week!

    Ciao for now!